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The Tower

Adjacent to Kikar HaMedina, nestled on the property of the legendary Beit Lessin Theatre, one of Tel Aviv’s great architectural masterpieces is making its debut…Beit Lessin Tower.

This 26-story luxury residential tower gives new meaning to living in the city center – it is an urban experience that beats to the unique rhythm of Tel Aviv. The tower was planned and designed by MYS Architects with interior architecture by Pitsou Kedem, Irene Goldberg and Sigal Barnovich. The two firms chose to tap the source of Beit Lessin’s 1960’s Brutalist modernist aesthetics and reinterpret it to create a unique Tel Avivian architectural experience. Together, they created a residential Tel Aviv experience of true cultural living.

Tower Specifications

The new tower can be seen as a quartet ensemble playing upon the lines of Beit Lessin yet turned on its side and lifted skyward. Its delicate quality stands in stark contrast to the solid and grounded theatre structure below.

Exposed concrete, striking angles and the use of natural light are but some of the guidelines drawn from the Israeli Brutalist architectural style that served as the basis for the design and concept of Beit Lessin Tower. The Tower’s open spaces are connected in a vertical line that generates an intense sequence of events and feelings in one place.
The uncompromising design is evident from the moment one enters the Tower. The main public areas - the lobby, gym and pool - are outfitted with soaring ceilings and one-of-a-kind design elements that set it apart from all other buildings. The pool, occupying the 4th floor, looks out over the magnificent Tel Aviv cityscape.

Architecture and Design

The architecture and design of Beit Lessin Tower was executed by the internationally acclaimed firm of MYS Architects. The firm, which has created many of Israel’s most iconic buildings, was established in the early days of the State of Israel. The bold, pioneering spirit of its founders and partners is reflected in almost every detail of the Tower. Over the years, MYS has planned and executed thousands of projects around the world and its honed experience and professionalism is on full display at Beit Lessin Tower.
Rachel Feller, a senior partner at MYS, is renowned for designing luxury towers such as the Akirov Tower, Yoo Towers and others, and led the Beit Lessin project. Pitzou Kedem, one of the most prominent names in Israeli architecture and a multi-award winning artist, was responsible for the interiors. Drawing inspiration from the world of art, Kedem is known for his clean, minimalistic and original approach to designing public areas. His works include many diverse projects ranging from luxury villas to large-scale residential and commercial endeavors. Pitzou Kedem, Irene Goldberg and Sigal Barnovich designed the Tower together.
"The synergy between functionality and the aesthetics of the Tower is one of my greatest architectural achievements."
"We decided to give expression to the fact that the Tower was built on the original property of the Beit Lessin Theatre, thus, it is not just about living in a tower but cultural living."

One Tower, 54 apartments

Beit Lessin Tower is an exclusive residence with only 54 apartments. The approach to design was to create a space that offers a complete living experience. With an eye to detail and luxury, the Tower boasts spacious, highly-appointed apartments, duplexes and penthouses. The apartments and private spaces have been carefully designed to reflect the inspired architecture of the building.

"When culture is the inspiration the outcome is an enchanting space."

The technical specifications offer superior design, technological sophistication and professional performance. The elements we chose convey a light and easy feel that promotes harmony throughout the home. There is a choice of full-cut natural stone flooring, granite or multi-layered pine parquet in a smoky tone with either a shiny or matte finish.
The designers meticulously chose premium options to ensure optimal comfort and beauty. The main areas of the house are equipped with intelligent power systems, underfloor heating, advanced air conditioning systems, kitchens manufactured by Boffi or Bulthaup as well as premier bathroom fixtures and elements.
"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."
"Elegance has its own music that allows you to identify from afar remarkable simplicity."
photography: Moshe Pridan
photography: Moshe Pridan
Beit Lessin Tower is located on the corner of Weizman Street and Zichron Yaacov Street, immediately adjacent to Kikar HaMedina and the legendary Beit Lessin Theatre. The theatre, built in 1949, was designed by Israel Prize winning architects Arieh Sharon and Benjamin Idelson to serve as a cultural center for the proletariat. It is named after Abraham Lessin, the poet, journalist and labor leader. In 1980, the building was converted into a theater bearing the same name which soon became one of the symbols of the city's vibrant culture.
The Tower is nestled in magical North Tel Aviv, with its quiet neighborhoods built near the southern bank of the Yarkon River. The public areas are revealed in all their glory against the Tower’s uniquely shaped and richly textured concrete wall which creates an elegant and striking presence on the street.
This special location enables you to live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, close to the action, yet, on the other hand, the relaxed nature of the neighborhood counterbalances the noise and bustle.
The area is characterized by quiet and well-kept wide streets, with little construction, and is laced with small businesses and inviting neighborhood coffee shop and restaurants.
Just a few steps from the Tower the city’s endless possibilities spread out before you: to the North is Kikar HaMedina and HaYarkon Park; to the East access to the Ayalon, main arteries into Tel Aviv and the Savidor Train Station. Within walking distance is Sourasky Medical Center, one of the most advanced in Israel, and next to it is Weizman City Mall. Right next to the Tower you can enjoy the cultural sites such as the Tel Aviv Museum and the Center for Performing Arts. To the West, stretching all the way to the port and the sea there are a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues.
"Sprawling around the Tower is a city that reinvents itself each day on a round stage like a play of your own making."
"Culture is a dynamic human creation. Humans create the culture, we created a home for it."
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